Genuine Leather Mousepad with Wrist Rest

Do you think that mouse mats or tracker pads are pretty much all the same these days? They all seem to be made from plastic of some kind and guaranteed to curl up over time or are too hard and shiny to provide a good surface for an optical mouse. What is needed is a classy mouse mat that looks good while doing the job as is required. Plastic just looks too ‘90s so what can you use as a substitute that combines a classy and expensive feel with a smooth surface that not only looks good but feels good too?

The answer is to have a mouse mat made from genuine leather that is smooth enough to prevent any lag with the mouse response. The one from OTTO Leather is probably the answer to your prayer.

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Detailed information about Genuine Leather Mousepad with Wrist Rest

Its price though is comparable to a reasonable quality plastic mousemat. The Otto Mousemat is made with excellent craftsmanship and looks just exquisite. Its size is such that although it is large enough to fully operate a mouse, it is small enough to not take up too much room on the desktop. In fact, it measures about 8.2” x 8.2” (20.8cm x 20.8cm).

The Otto Mousepad has a padded wrist rest to ergonomically support the wrist to help prevent repetitive strain or carpal tunnel injuries. The mouse pad has a reinforced back and provides the no-slip desk hugging surface by using the natural rough texture of unfinished leather. Also, we have the answer to the question of what happens when the user spills a cup of coffee over the leather. Simply get a damp cloth and wipe the mess away, just like you would with a pair of shoes.


Made from genuine cowhide leather with strong and sturdy stitching

Has a fully padded wrist support

Has an optically efficient top surface with a non-slip, textured bottom surface