Accouterments Yodeling Pickle

There is nothing quite like a yodeling pickle to liven up a boring party. When the party is dragging and absolutely nothing is going on, just pull out this little gherkin and let the yodeling commence. You can bet that no one will see that one coming.

This little guy is also a great stress reducer on the job. Just imagine trying to be stressed out when there is a pickle yodeling from the desk drawer. It will definitely take the edge off of a bad day at the office. Try putting it in the wife’s purse and then wait for it to go off at the worst possible time. There are so many potential uses and abuses of this clever little pickle, and all of them spell FUN.

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Detailed information about Accouterments Yodeling Pickle

This pickle would also be a fantastic ice breaker at any get-together. Who on earth could help themselves from asking “What is up with that yodeling pickle?” Seriously, bring this guy out at a party and he will soon be the center of attention, but if you are the insecure type maybe you ought to leave him home because he will definitely steal the show.

This yodeling gherkin is roughly 6 inches long and requires three C type batteries, which are included with your pickle. There is a pickle, a button, and a speaker, and that is all that is needed to get the fun started.


This singing pickle is guaranteed to cause uncontrollable laughter

Three C type batteries that are included with purchase

Certain to garner hours upon hours of mindless and stupefying fun