Multi Color Aquarium Set

This multi-color aquarium set from OMEM is a beautiful piece of décor, and it would look quite lovely in just about any space. If your son or daughter just moved into their first apartment, or you just got yourself a new neighbor, this little piece of decoration would be a great housewarming gift.

Just as pictured, this aquatic aquarium is absolutely adorable and its mesmerizing to look at. Even though it’s a small one, when the lights pass through the bottle and light it up in darkness, it looks magnificent. It will liven up even the dullest of space and make the house warm with an amazing calmness around it.

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Detailed information about Multi Color Aquarium Set

The moss balls require no hassle when it comes to taking care of them. They are easy to maintain and care for. In addition, the little aquarium comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble and take care of the moss balls and friends. In fact, all one will need is normal house lighting and a change or water after every one or two weeks.

This is a perfect little aquarium suitable for home or office décor. The micro landscape bottle would also look fantastic when used as decorations in carnivals, festivals weddings, parties, or during Christmas.


A small aquatic aquarium with low maintenance

Comes with instructions manual

Securely and well packaged

Operates on batteries

Looks fantastic with the multi-colored LED lights