NPW-USA Hot Dog Stapler: Great Addition to your Desk

This is a gift for the person who continues to have their stapler stolen from their desk in the office and wants to have some revenge. No one dare take this one as it will be noticed immediately. The “USA Hot Dog Stapler” from NPW is a tiny stapler that masquerades as a truly American hotdog. It is 5” long and consists of a plastic hotdog bun together with a plastic sausage and mustard.

The decoration sits on top of the movable part of the stapler. The combination of plastic fun decoration and practical stapler will make a great stocking stuffer for someone who works in an office or for one of your co-workers. The gift would also be suitable as a secret Santa gift or for a White Elephant party.

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Detailed information about NPW-USA Hot Dog Stapler: Great Addition to your Desk

The company that produces this fun gag gift. NPW also has a complete range of innovative and exciting gift ideas for all occasions. Let’s face it, life should be fun and NPW are the guys to help make your life fun. The ideas of NPW breathe cheekiness. They prefer to supply products that will surprise and delight you and your friends but most of all they want to make the purchaser and the recipient of the gift laugh.

Their hilarious gadgets and toys are just what you and your friends need to have you rolling in the aisles in stitches. You can be sure that if you buy an NPW product, life will never be dull.  The recipient of this gift will be sure to have a great day after he or she unwraps this fun gift.


This is a typical NPW gag gift designed for the office worker

Combines complete silliness and useful practicality into one hot dog stapler


The user must remember that the hot dog stapler is meant as a gag gift and not as a full-on heavy duty office stapler

If you need a stapler that can cope with a lot of work, then buy a larger and regular stapler