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VANTOO Canvas Apron

No matter what one’s interests are, whether it is cooking, painting, model making, woodworking or gardening, clothes always need protecting. How many times has someone in your family come home from work, school or college with their clothes covered in paint, oil, grease, or flour?

The answer to this problem is to buy them a heavy-duty apron suitable for the hard use that it will get in its day to day work. This apron from Vantoo is available in two traditional colors: brown and grey. Both are equally as hard wearing and durable as each other but they have different specifications.

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Detailed information about VANTOO Canvas Apron

Grey with leather straps: The grey bib apron is made from 100% cotton canvas, has three strong and useful pockets and has removable leather neck and waist straps. It is suitable for men and women and will always protect the wearer and their clothes from damage. This apron measures about 30” long by about 23” wide and is a ‘one size fits all’ garment. The leather straps must be removed from the garment before washing as leather should not be cleaned in water.

Brown with continuous fabric strap: The brown apron is once again made from 100% cotton canvas but this one is water resistant and is reinforced with brass rivets and grommets. It has two shoulder straps that are easily adjustable which cross at the back to prevent neck pain. This apron has four large tool pockets in the front together with a pencil and mobile phone pocket on the chest. This apron measures 32” long by about 27” wide and is once again a ‘one size fits all’ garment suitable for both men and women.


Vantoo offer two slightly different heavy duty aprons but both so useful at keeping the wearer’s clothes clean

Both aprons have large and easily accessible pockets just right for carrying tools, pencil, mobile phone and more