Couple Bracelet In Silver And Rose Gold

When searching for a special gift for your partner,  finding something truly meaningful can be quite a challenge. This amazing set of adorable couple bracelets from COAI is a great example of a gift for your significant other that really has a special meaning. This is a good way to give your partner a daily reminder of how much you care about them. It is also special because you are also showing them that you are proud to display your relationship as you wear your bracelet as well.

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Detailed information about Couple Bracelet In Silver And Rose Gold

Each bracelet in this set of couple bracelets has a very similar design. They each feature a small metal plate on a silver-colored chain. The plate on the man’s bracelet is black and the plate on the woman’s bracelet is rose-gold colored. Each plate also has a small rhinestone placed in it for a very nice added embellishment.