Big Mouth Toys – Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome Statue

This amusing gnome is the ideal gift for the Game of Thrones fan, an avid gardener, or a garden enthusiast who also just happens to be addicted to the show. No matter their passion, this little guy on his iron throne is absolute perfection.

When a garden needs protection, who better to call on than the King of the Garden. This trusty little gnome sits on his Iron Throne made up of dozens of garden implements rather than swords, and he is ready, willing and able to protect the flowers and vegetables that are part of his kingdom from this day until his last day.

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Detailed information about Big Mouth Toys – Game of Gnomes Garden Gnome Statue

This adorable statue measures 10.4 inches tall and roughly 7 inches wide. It weighs 1.4 pounds, making it easy to move from one location to another.

Anyone who loves the Game of Thrones franchise would be thrilled to receive this Game of Gnomes King on seated on his iron throne. In the television series the iron throne is comprised of dozens of swords that belonged to the defeated enemies of the realm, while the gnome king’s throne is actually made of up dozens of garden tools, pitchforks, spades, rakes and much more, making this gift a perfect fit for a flower bed or garden.


Bright colors that won’t fade over time

Lightweight and easy to move and reposition

Weatherproof making it perfect for outdoor décor