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The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook – Recipes from Westeros and Beyond

This is one piece of Game of Thrones memorabilia that no fan can do without.

This unofficial GOT cookbook written by AlanKiestler has all sorts of whimsical and creative recipes running the gambit from appetizers, breakfast fare, main courses, desserts and more.

What makes each recipe extra special is the correlation they all have to some fun aspect of this exceptional series.

Dinner served to fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones would be astonished and truly impressed at the effort taken to cook authentic (well, almost authentic) Westerosi delicacies for their dining pleasure.

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Imagine serving Tywin Lannister's Garlic Sausage as the main course to dinner guests, or perhaps a bit of Brynden Tully’s Blackened Trout with Dornish Gremolata, and maybe finishing off the meal with Arya’s Apricot Crumb Tart.

This recipe book is broken into the usual chapters featuring appetizers, main courses, soups and salads, and desserts and drinks, etc., but each of these standard headings in a regular cookbook has been given a GOT twist.

For example, rather than a chapter labeled simply “Breakfast” the Game of Thrones recipe book has “Heroic Mornings: Breakfast for Warriors”, and instead of just “Main Courses” there is “Feasts for Friends – and Enemies”.


This book has over 150 imaginative and creative recipes to choose from

Book with over 250 pages of recipes that have been inspired by the mythical lands and people of Westeros

All recipes are real and have detailed instructions on their preparation