Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome By Mark & Margot

Want your lawn or garden to stand out from the others in the neighborhood? Find the standard garden gnomes and gazing orbs boring or too common? Then the Mischievous Cat Gnome Massacre Garden Statue may be just for you. Not your average lawn décor, this statue takes the concept and turns it on its head with a modern macabre twist. Don’t let it scare you, but kitty’s favorite snack is lawn gnomes. Let this ferocious fluffy kitty warn off any would-be gnome trespassers and catch the attention of your visitors at the same time. It’s weather-proofed so you won’t have to worry about damage from the elements, chipping, or fading. The bright colors, from the cat’s fur to the gnomes’ colorful clothing, will stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

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Detailed information about Mischievous Cat Garden Gnome By Mark & Margot

Hand painted with careful attention to detail, from the tiger stripes to the whiskers, this resin garden cat is made with durability in mind. The statue is not too heavy so it can easily be moved around but is sturdy enough to remain in place and not be knocked over by the wind. The Mischievous Cat Gnome Massacre Garden Statue would make a wonderful and unique housewarming gift that is sure to find a place of honor in the recipient’s garden or home. Big enough to be noticed but small enough to fit on a bookshelf or table, this unique statue will draw attention wherever you choose to include it. Kitty has one gnome in her teeth and the others trapped in her two front paws, all carefully detailed with the kind of attention that belies genuine craftsmanship. Don’t worry, fairies and elves are still welcome. Unlike other, cheaply made statues that are vulnerable to chipping or fading, this hilarious statue will stay beautiful for a long time.