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Swirl Art Keychain & Inspirational Quote

Everyone has keys they need to keep safe, whether they are for the front door, car, locker, bike or whatever. Our keys allow us to keep our property and belongings safe from people who have no right to them. If the members of your household each have their own set of keys then they need to have a way to distinguish between them. What better way to keep everyone’s keys safe and individual than to buy them their own personalized keychain based on their interests and what they like doing best.

This ‘Artist’ keychain from Key2Bme is just one of the many designs (more than 50) available to suit many different hobbies and interests or motivational reminders and meaningful role models.

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All the different designs are based on a stylised key shape decorated with a simple logo and word depicting the interest of the owner. The keychain has a useful clip on key ring that easily connects to keys, backpack, laptop case, purse, handbag or sports bag.

This lovely little gift is perfect for giving to anyone in your family for any conceivable occasion or even no occasion at all: Christmas, Birthdays, graduation, coming of age, first car, and housewarming. The list of possible occasions just goes on.

To hold it in the hand and feel the weight of the key shows how durable this handy key chain really is. It is approximately the same size and weight as a real key so you know it won’t become lost and it certainly won’t easily break. The actual measurements are about 2” long, 1” wide and 0.125” thick.



The ‘Artist’ key chain is perfect for anyone who loves art or is an artist

The range of different words available to be engraved on the key covers just about every type of interest, motivational phrase or role model you can think of

The item is heavy and durable and will keep all your keys safely in one place.