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Personalized Monogrammed KeyChain

Everyone has keys they need to keep safe; it is a fact of modern life. Whether they are for the car, front door, book locker at school, motor bike, cycle lock, gym locker or office desk, everyone needs to keep their keys safe from pilfering, and all in one place and yet make them so personized that there is no way they can be mistaken for someone else’s keys.

A personalised key ring or key chain is the answer and this monogrammed stainless steel key chain is just the job. It has a tassel fixed to the split ring made from coloured suede leather so you can find it at the bottom of a crowded purse just as easily as if it was in a pocket or resting on a table. This specific key chain carries the letter E as the monogrammed initial. Don’t worry if the person you are buying for isn’t named Edwina or Eric as the manufacturer, Name Necklace Boutique, has given the buyer the option to order any initial letter they want and this will be engraved on the small circular plaque. You can even choose between a white, pink or blue leather tassel in case pink isn’t what you want.

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Detailed information about Personalized Monogrammed KeyChain

This beautiful stainless steel and leather keychain is so well made that you would expect it to be on sale for far more money than it is. It is strong and sturdy and will put up with heaps of use lasting over many years before you have to buy another.

The metal parts of the key chain are made from stainless steel so will be rustproof and safe from corrosion if it becomes wet or exposed to salt water. How many non-stainless key chains have you had that become tarnished with age and start to stain clothes and skin? Well this one won’t do that.

  • Stylishly designed to look good, no matter where you are
  • Classy engraving showing the initial of the owner. Any initial letter can be ordered
  • The leather tassel will allow the key chain to be found easily in the bottom of a bag or in a pocket
  • The suede leather tassel comes in white, pink or blue so is suitable for anyone