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Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

It is no secret that babies love music. Even when they were still in their mother’s womb, you would hear about or probably know parents that play classical music near the belly so that their little one can listen to it.

It is also believed that plants who listen to lovely music grow better and bigger, so we think it is safe to say that music really does wonders to living things.

Now that the baby in your life has turned into a toddler, they probably enjoy tunes more than ever. With their senses more developed, they have a better understanding in how the world works and you will mostly find them intently listening to their nursery rhymes on television or while you sing to them.

And because they seem to enjoy the world of music more now, getting them something that will enhance that interest is definitely the way to go.

We present to you this Mozart Magic Cube by Munchkin, a colorful little toy complete with instrument sounds that will be beneficial to your little tike’s early music education.

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Detailed information about Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Each side is brightly colored and corresponds to a musical instrument like the harp, French Horn, Piano, Flute and Violin which your toddler can press to add or subtract to the classic and hugely popular Mozart composition that plays when a button is tapped.

It not only comes with one Mozart masterpiece, not two, but eight of them!

This includes the classics Non Piu Andre (Marriage of Figaro), Country Dance #5, Come Sweet May, Ah! Vous Dirai-Je, Maman (Twinkle, Twinkle), Der Vogelfanger (Magic Flute), March in D, Lander, K.606 and LaCi Darem La Mano (Don Giovanni).


Interactive and has a lot of sounds to choose from for endless hours of play

Has 2 volume controls