ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell

Getting in shape doesn’t have to just take place at the gym! Work out from the comfort of home with this awesome adjustable dumbbell weight set from ATIVAFIT. If you are short on space in your home or apartment, you might not think you will have space for a full dumbbell set. Traditionally that might be true, but not with this adjustable set! With adjustable weights that are compact and easily slide in and out, you’ve got a full set of weights that take up the space of just one set of dumbbells! Great for anyone who lifts weights and wants to continue strength training at home.

Specs: This set is very compact, in fact the full size of one dumbell is 13.39 inches long and 7.87 inches wide. That is about the size of one normal dumbbell, but it gives you the opportunity to have 4 different weight sizes. The dumbbell itself also has a nice grip to it and is crafted of quality materials that will be comfortable in your hands while lifting weights.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for any fitness friend or family member of yours! Because it is such a compact design it is great for anyone, even those who live in a small space and don’t have a lot of storage at their house. You can easily find space for these dumbbells! With a wide range of weight options, this is perfect for someone who is new to working out as well as those who are experienced with weight lifting.

What we like: We like the easy push and pull design with these weights – it is incredibly quick and easy to add more weight or remove it from the dumbbell. Getting 4 weights for the space of 1 is also great, even if you have a lot of space, who wants to take it up with a bunch of weights? There are also a few different weight options which are great so that you can select the size that is right for the person you are gifting this to. Choose the lighter set for beginners and the heavier set for those who already regularly lift weights!

What we don’t like: You have to have the weight in the included tray in order to add more weight to it, which isn’t a huge deal, but can make the process take a bit longer, which some may not like if you want to stay in the zone during a workout. Once you get used to how it works, it will go quicker, though!

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4 weight sizes


Great grip


You have to have the weight in the included tray in order to add more weight to it