SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet/Standing Mirror/Armoire

Short on space but big on jewelry? Then this standing mirror that doubles as a jewelry armoire and organizer is just what is needed.

It is the perfect solution for small spaces and apartments.

This unique combination of jewelry armoire and full-length mirror takes up much less space than a traditional jewelry case and has more storage too.

This clever unit looks like a standard mirror when closed, white, sturdy and with classic lines. It also has 3 different positions in which the mirror can be tilted for a different perspective.

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Detailed information about SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet/Standing Mirror/Armoire

The mirror itself is true to life and of very high quality. The mirror then opens like a door to reveal a massive storage area for jewelry and other items such as makeup and nail polish, etc.

The inside of the case is lined with rich and plush velvet for additional protection for fine jewelry.

The case is well lit with six LED lights at the inside top of the cabinet that come on as soon as the door is opened, and turn off when the door is closed.

The incredible jewelry storage features a rod for holding delicate scarves, forty-eight stud holes and ninety slots – enough for all types of earrings, ten compartments for organizing brooches and bracelets, thirty-two hooks for necklaces, and a whopping eighty-four ring compartments.


Large mirror, 43.3 inches in height and 10.8 inches in width with three different tilt positions

The led-lit cabinet automatically lights up when the door is opened and off when it is closed

Loads of room for jewelry and other essentials

Makes organization a breeze as well as fun