Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

Most skateboards enhance mobility and serve as a means of transport. But choosing the right skateboard can be tricky, yet, the key to successful skateboarding lies on the board itself.

If you have someone in your life who loves skateboarding, here is your chance to make this sport more interesting for them!

This mini longboard skateboard by Eggboards is stable, super smooth, and portable. It is designed for users of all levels.

Whether the recipient is a beginner or a pro, this little carver here will become their best companion on the move.

A perfect gift for the teenage boys in your house!

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Detailed information about Eggboards Mini Longboard Cruiser Skateboards

But what makes the Eggboards unique? It's equipped with 7" trucks which are commonly found on 40" longboards.

However, in this case, the trucks are mounted on a 19" skateboard. As a result, the longboard trucks provide incredible stability and allow the user to maneuver around easily.

If given to a beginner, the Eggboards will be the best thing to happen to them. They will make it super easy to learn how to balance and are ideal for smooth cruising.

Additionally, this cool skateboard comes equipped with soft large wheels density which provides a smooth ride even over uneven surfaces and areas with cracks and bumps on the ground.

They will easily push through long distances and skate down smoothly on hills at high speeds.


They are smooth and stable

Extra compact and portable

Great for all levels

Dog-friendly as well

Made of sustainable bamboo wood

Available in different colors