SwimWays Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float

The Star Wars franchise has one of the largest followings of all franchises and it’s recently gotten a boost with the recent movie release Star Wars: The Force Awakens. A box office hit, this movie reignited the franchise and production of Star Wars inspired products. One of these is the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float by SwimWays. Perfect for summer, this float is the ultimate gift for any Star Wars fan! A full-sized inflatable float over 5ft. long, this Millennium Falcon can carry a fully grown person comfortably. Pretend you’re like Han Solo racing the Falcon across the pool to go fight the Sith! Bring some pool noodles along and you can even pretend they’re lightsabers. The Millennium Falcon Float is fabulous for any age and really makes a day at the pool or the beach something to remember.


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Detailed information about SwimWays Star Wars Millennium Falcon Float

It’s made from a heavy gauge PVC and even has a sturdy handle on the front so transporting it is a breeze. It’s extremely durable and can be used in practically any type of water from the pool to the lake. Children love the size and the look of the float. It’s great for giving them something to do and play with in the pool and they can also get really creative with a floating spaceship! Adults love how comfortable and supportive the float is, which is fantastic for when they’re tired of swimming and want to get some sun without having to leave the water.