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Women’s Harry Potter Inspired Burnout Tank Top

Every family or friend group has the one person who is the dedicated comedian, and this shirt is the perfect gift for them if they happen to also be a Harry Potter fan (and let’s face it- who isn’t??) This shirt with the slogan ‘Pott Head’ is a wonderful way to show off one’s love for the book and movie series in a fun way!

Excellent for anyone who likes being a little bold, this is a perfect gift for a birthday present. With a nice modern cut, this tank top has a racerback style and comes in 8 colors! Choose between green, orange, shocking pink, Tahiti blue, white, off-white, yellow, or gray. Plenty of options to choose from to select the perfect shirt that fits your friend or family members” personality!

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Detailed information about Women’s Harry Potter Inspired Burnout Tank Top

The material of these shirts are super soft and also a ‘burnout’ material, giving it a modern look that any girl, or shall we say any Pott Head would love to wear! Right above the glasses is Harry’s signature scar, completing the look of the shirt. Simultaneously simple in design, yet detailed enough to convey the message, this is the perfect gift that any Harry Potter fan will appreciate.