Unique & Funny 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men and Women

Are you wondering what the perfect 60th birthday gift ideas are? You aren’t alone. Check out this 60th birthday gifts list that our team curated - it is filled with all sorts of gifts perfect for anyone turning 60. You’ll be sure to find the perfect gift in no time! Celebrating someone who has made it ‘over the hill’? Turning 60 is quite the milestone. While you may be getting older, with that comes the enjoyment of retirement and getting to enjoy life to the fullest! Most people decide to have a pretty big party to celebrate turning 60, and why not? It really is a cause for celebration! Are you invited to the 60th birthday? Maybe it is your parent, spouse, a close family friend, or maybe even your boss. This person has clearly had a long-lasting impact on your life, and now it is time to celebrate them!

10 Things to Consider When Searching for 60th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Get a gift to use for entertaining

This is a great gift idea to consider if you are shopping for someone that is looking forward to hosting more parties and events for friends and family.

Consider getting them some new serving plates or something like a chalkboard platter that they can use to serve unique cheeses or other appetizers!

This makes for a great item and encourages them to keep up with spending time with loved ones and friends.

2. Encourage a hobby

As you get older you finally get more time to spend on hobbies! If you are shopping for someone that is newly retired or a veteran about to retire, consider getting them something that will encourage them to stay with their hobby.

Without a hobby, life after retirement can feel a little boring. Don’t let that happen to them!

3. Make them try something new

The older you get, you do tend to get a little stubborn and set in your ways. Does that sound like the person you are shopping for? Help them try something new!

They are not likely to seek something out on their own, but you can help them by getting the senior in your life a unique 60th birthday gift that will force them to!

Whether they like it or not, the experience is something they will remember and appreciate.

Just remind them that it is always good to stay curious in life and stay open to trying new things!

4. Incorporate memories

While you should always keep looking forward in life, when you turn 60, it is also nice to look back and remember some of the great memories you’ve created.

If you are trying to think up the perfect gift, try to incorporate some of those best memories!

Maybe that is framing a certain picture, taking a trip to a certain location, or engraving a piece of jewelry with an important date or person’s name.

There are a lot of options, and they all result in a personalized gift that is sure to make the person smile.

5. Get a joint gift

If you don’t have a large budget but want to really wow them for their 60th birthday, consider getting together with friends or family to get a joint gift that they will really love.

That isn’t to say that less expensive gifts aren’t good, but if you want to say treat them to a vacation, or get them a nice new massage chair or golf club set, don’t feel like you have to do that all on your own! Consult with other people and consider getting the gift from all of you.

6. Add to an existing collection

Does this person have a collection of something? By the age of 60, they are sure to have quite the collection going. If they do, consider getting them a new item that they can add to it!

This is certainly something that interests them and you know they will absolutely love it. Can you complete a set for them? That will really surprise them!

7. Personalize something meaningful

Any gift can quickly become more special by taking the time to have it personalized. This could mean putting the person’s name on it or a meaningful date to them.

Whatever it is, it makes the gift unique to them and only them. They are sure to love it and hold onto it forever - and what more could you want out of a gift than that?

8. Include a handwritten note

We think it is a great idea to include a note with whatever gift you get for the person! We live in a digital world, but sometimes it is nice to break out of that and go back to the basics.

Someone turning 60, trust us, will love getting a handwritten card or note that shares some great memories or well-wishes.

This is a simple touch that really will make a big difference.

9. Help keep them connected

Thanks to technology, it doesn’t matter if your family is located all across the country (or even the world) you can still keep in touch!

Consider getting them something they can use to keep them in touch with family and friends- this could be an iphone, a webcam, or other related video technology that will allow them to stay in touch with the people that matter the most to them.

10. Encourage physical activity

Staying active is one of the best things you can do as you get older. Consider a gift that will help encourage them to stay active.

This doesn’t mean they need to be in the gym 6 days a week or running marathons, but they should still have some type of physical activity as part of their daily routine!

Consider getting them a fitness tracker, for example, to help keep them informed of how active they are!

Or, get them a more specific gift if they have a certain sport or activity that they enjoy - such as a new set of golf clubs or a tennis racquet.

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When people get older there is always the problem of knowing what to get for their birthday. By the time they reach their 60th, most people already have everything they need but family and friends always want to give something special for this momentous birthday. They want to give something special to show the love and respect they have for the birthday girl or boy. It is a fact that as one becomes older there is less and less that they want as a birthday gift as if material things lose their hold and all they want is a symbol...
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Pavilion Elements Angels Like me! 2
This 6 inch angel figurine is made from a polyresin, so it isn't as fragile as glass or hollow ceramic. The details are amazing, including the debossed birthday text and other intricate accents. If your special someone is a figurine collector, perhaps this would make an excellent addition to their collection. The Pavillion Gift Company also creates angel figurines for the other big milestones in a person's life, so building a larger collection of these angels alone is also an option for the future!
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60th Birthday Gift Ideas You Won't Find Anywhere Else!

Is 60 the new 40? Who knows anymore! What we do know is that turning 60 is more and more becoming something to celebrate. In the past, turning older was something depressing that no one looked forward to.

If you are invited to the 60th birthday, you want to show up with the perfect gift. The real problem is- what do you get for someone who is 60 and you care a lot about, say your grandma or grandpa?

Don’t they already have a lot of the things they both want and need in life? It is a tricky age to shop for. It isn’t impossible, however, and we are here to help with our 60th birthday gift ideas list.

This 60th birthday gift ideas guide is filled with all sorts of cool and unique items that someone turning 60 would enjoy.

Finding a gift that will show them you care

Like we said earlier, turning 60 often brings around a lot of new exciting life changes.

Use their 60th birthday as a chance to encourage them and keep them excited about what the future holds, instead of focusing on the fact that they are getting older. After all, age is just a number!

The support of family and friends can do a lot for anyone, and especially for someone who is getting older and is coming to realize more the importance of the relationships they have built-in their lives.

Help keep your relationship strong by encouraging them and showing up to celebrate them!

Browse our Gift Items in All Price Ranges

A 60th birthday party is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family who have been around over the decades.

It is a great chance to celebrate love and family and friendship - 60th birthdays are often some of the most fun celebrations you’ll attend - seriously!

No matter who is turning 60, if you are invited to their party you clearly are important to them, and a great way to show how much you care for them is to get them a thoughtful present!

If the big celebration is coming up, you need to start thinking about the perfect gift!

Check out our gift guide and see what you find. Don’t wait - start shopping today!