Gift Basket Ideas

Our selection of gift basket ideas includes amazing baskets for any occasion. Find the perfect gift basket for a loved one, a special event, a party or a celebration by browsing our unique and personalized baskets in all price ranges. Being a good guest means bringing along a gift—whether elaborate or simple—to offer your host or hostess a thank you present for being welcomed into the home. It might be hard for you to start thinking of a holiday gift basket, or perhaps a food gift basket to get for someone who deserves one, so our gift basket guide will help you get started. Soon enough, you can find the ideal theme for your basket in no time!

How to Find the ideal Gift Basket Gifts

1. Kitchen-themed

From utensils to ornate china, offering items that are useful for the kitchen isn’t a bad idea.

Besides making the kitchen table look stunning, they serve a practical purpose for being used during meals.

2. Sports-themed

Whether it’s the host’s favorite baseball team or their passion for certain sports (e.g. running, swimming), collecting team hats or swimming gear, respectively, can be the sure way to their heart.

Get a basket with sport-themed gifts and you'll make them super happy!

3. Flower-themed

If the host is really into gardening or plants, in general, then stocking up on a variety of colorful flowers, even various succulents, can make the gift basket look stunning and they will be great for display around the house.

4. Food-themed

For those who are bold with food, looking for different spices or various cuisines make for a cosmopolitan feel—all within one basket!

Trying different foods or perhaps getting a sweet treats lover a basket filled with delicious chocolate may just be the right idea.

5. Wine-themed

Similarly, the variety of wines out there can offer a great time with the host. From French rosé to Italian reds, offering good bottles is sure enough to please anyone.

Plus, if you throw in some other wine related accessories such as a super cool and techie bottle opener or a wine holder, you're definitely going to make the basket recipient happy!

6. Beauty-themed

Considering that your host is into beauty and makeup products, providing lipstick, eyelash curlers, and hair dye can be the ultimate heaven for the host, who’s sure to appreciate the gift basket just as much as you’ve given it.

7. Film-themed

Have a host who’s into all things Star Trek or Harry Potter? Make it a fun theme by getting action figurines, DVDs, and merchandise that pertain to such films.

Besides geeking out to these products, your host will love that you’d thought of them.

8. Arts and crafts-themed

If you know that your host is really into hands-on activities, then getting arts and crafts-items are not a bad idea!

Colorful card paper, hole punchers, stickers…they are sure to get your host excited and creative on their next project!

9. Culture-themed

With the variety of different cultures out there, it can be a matter of exposing just how much knowledge one knows about culture.

Offering the food or custom of a country is an intimate gift basket experience, to say the least.

10. Travel-themed

Perhaps the host hasn’t been around the world, but they’re interested in seeing what each culture has in their country.

Give them a secondhand experience by investing in trinkets from the countries in the world.

From an Eiffel Tower keychain to paprika spices from Hungary, the possibilities are endless.

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Wine Country The Connoisseur Gift Basket Like me! 0
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A Gift Basket For Any Occasion

Gift baskets are certainly not new gift ideas, but they oftentimes get overlooked.

For a while, this type of gift had a bit of a bad reputation as being filled with boring items no one would be interested in.

Not anymore! In fact, our curated list of gift basket ideas includes baskets for just about anyone and for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, Christmas present, bachelorette party gift, Mother’s Day present, Valentine’s Day surprise, a Halloween-themed basket or just about anything else,you are sure to find the right pick by browsing our list!

4 Tips to Make any Gift Basket Unique

Remember the joy of being a kid and waking up to a beautiful basket? Maybe it was from the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or for your birthday.

Filled with all sorts of fun toys, candy, and more, there was something so exciting about seeing what was in your unique basket.

Even as adults, baskets are still pretty common to give as gifts! Do you still have some of that childlike excitement as you see what is inside? We know we still do!

Part of the joy of opening one is when there are specific items inside that are totally personalized to you.

If you aren’t sure how to best personalize the items in your basket, we’ve compiled our 5 best tips on how to easily personalize any basket gift - whether it is for a child, teenager, or adult.

1. Add a name tag

If you don’t feel like you have the time to put together your own basket, that is okay! Especially if you are in need of several, it can take a lot of time to entirely create a basket.

Or, if you aren’t the craftiest of people, don’t feel pressured to create an entire basket - just add a nice personal touch to transform it!

We love the idea of creating custom name tags and adding them right on top of the basket.

This is a great idea that will work for any option - whether you are shopping for your child, your boss, or anyone in between.

You can either write out their name on your own or if penmanship isn’t your specialty, consider having it printed (or enlisting the help of someone who loves calligraphy!

2. Think beyond the basket

Most people think of actual baskets when they think of gift ones, and with good reason.

Instead, a really great way to transform the gift into one that is super personal is to put all the presents into something useful and specific either to the theme of the basket or specific to the person receiving it.

For example, putting together a basket for a child? Why not put the gifts in a backpack that they can use afterward?

Shopping for a coffee lover or wine lover? Place the gifts in a wine cooler bag that they can take on their next trip or perhaps create an awesome coffee basket idea.

Getting something for a garden lover? Place the gifts in a pot that they can then use to plant flowers.

3. Think of a theme based on their interests

The theme should be based on the person receiving the gift - what do they like?

Think of something fairly specific, and use that idea to come up with good gifts that will keep on giving!

That could be drawing, cooking, wine, a certain cartoon character, football, books, or beauty products - and that is just to name a few!

Once you have a theme in mind it becomes a lot easier to pick out items. Keeping to the same theme ensures the gift feels cohesive.

4. Deliver it in person

Finally, another tip to consider is to deliver your basket in person. Whether you have personalized the gift basket itself or not, it instantly feels more personal if you take the time to deliver it in person.

While we understand this isn’t always feasible if you are shopping for someone out of state, it is an option if you are shopping for someone who lives close to you.

If you are able to take the time, do it.