Vinyl Record Drink Coasters

A beautiful gift does not have to be all out in style and design. In fact, some of the simple gifts impress better than most expensive ones would. On this note, getting someone a gift is about choosing one that will be helpful in their daily lives or at least make some impact from time to time. Have you thought about a gift for the coffee or music lovers out there? Well, it doesn’t have to be a mug, a coffee maker, or the new brand of coffee in town. These coasters will make all the difference. And, they couple up as coasters and décor items at the same time.


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Detailed information about Vinyl Record Drink Coasters

The coasters are made of ABS and are non-toxic to guarantee safety for the user. They are perfect for the kitchen counter, coffee table, bar counter or anywhere one ought to enjoy a drink. The design features a vinyl record style which is unique and interesting for vinyl record fans. The coasters have a 4.2-inch diameter which ensures they fit any size of a cup. More to the design, the coaters have non-slip bottoms to ensure your drinks stays on securely. They have a rubber bottom which gives them the necessary grip onto the surface without moving. They are beautiful on any surface and work well to protect delicate surfaces from hot or cold beverages.