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Two Volcanoes Coffee – Guatemala’s Best Gourmet Coffee

The discerning coffee enthusiast will search high and low and try bean after bean to eventually find a brand that will deliver a flavorsome, smooth and aromatic cup of coffee. Sometimes this can take years to finally find the one that suits them.
If your loved one is a coffee enthusiast and has embarked on the road to find the perfect bean, you can give them a head start.

This single origin Gourmet Coffee from Two Volcanoes Coffee is said by some to be the perfect bean they have been looking for. The benefit of single origin coffee is that the flavor and aroma is specific to the region in which it has been grown.

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Detailed information about Two Volcanoes Coffee – Guatemala’s Best Gourmet Coffee

That fact alone gives a unique and delicious tasting coffee that can be copied by no other brand. This single estate coffee bean is grown at the base of Two Volcanoes in Guatemala. Volcanic soil is rich in the plant nutrients and minerals they need to grow well and to finish up with a bean that is full of flavor and aroma even before it is roasted. This 1lb bag of Guatemalan Two Volcanoes Coffee is guaranteed to be an even, medium roast because the company roasts in small batches. Medium roast provides a coffee that has a balance of aroma, acidity and more importantly flavor. By slowly roasting each batch the same way it is possible to consistently draw out the highest quality flavor from each bean.

Every serious coffee lover knows that the best taste comes about when the drinker can consume their coffee as soon as possible after the roasting process. This isn’t always possible with larger companies who have many thousands of tons of roasted coffee beans sitting in warehouses and on supermarket shelves. Is it any wonder that most commercially available coffee is not as good as it could be?


Single origin, medium roasted, Guatemalan coffee roasted in small batches

Comes with a traditional styled fabric coffee bag

This company does everything in its power to ensure the consumer receives the freshest roasted beans possible