BOH Tea Gift Box

A cup of tea after a long day at work does wonders. Not only does tea help you to relax but also prepare you mentally to face the next day’s activities. How about getting a pack for mom to enjoy as she unwinds in the evenings? She will surely enjoy the assortment and want to get some more.

This gift set of different assorted flavors can be a lovely surprise gift for your mom and mom-in-law. It has about 48 sachets for her to try and choose a suitable one. It can be a beautiful gift for her birthday, or any other day you wish to appreciate her.

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Detailed information about BOH Tea Gift Box

The pack has 8 tea bags for each flavor. Each tea bag is individually packed and sealed to ensure they retain freshness and prevent flavor transfer. The pack combines the goodness of herbs, fruits and tea infusions grown from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia. Each tea has a distinct flavor and effect and is naturally refreshing.

The teas can be enjoyed without adding any sweeteners and still have the calming effect of sweetened tea. They are great for sampling the different tea flavors from the famous Cameron Highlands to choose the best. They are all worth a try and mom will appreciate this small but meaningful gift.