Touchjet Wave

This is a revolutionary software that can literally turn any tv into a touchscreen! You may be wondering just how exactly can it do this? Well, the Touchjet utilizes infrared technology to transmit a projection onto your tv and then tracks your finger movements as you touch the screen. Pretty cool right? All you need to do to set it up is to attach it to the top of your tv, plug in the HDMI cable from the Touchjet to your tv, then download the app and calibrate your tv!

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Detailed information about Touchjet Wave

Once the calibration is done, you are all set up and ready to begin using your new touchscreen tv! With the Touchjet now in place, you can do a multitude of many different things. Such things you can do are playing games, browsing the web, streaming music or even streaming your favorite shows from Netflix or Hulu! Anything you can do and would expect to do on a tablet you can do on the Touchjet. If you would like to download more apps, more games, that is easily done by using the built-in AndroidOS. If the touchscreen troubles you, any form of a stylus will work as well as your phone can be turned into a remote control.