LG Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

When it comes to technology, we here at That Sweet Gift love new tech and gadgets! One of the gadgets that almost everyone uses every day, and for some use it more than once throughout the day would be our tv’s.

From watching live sports to catching up on your favorite show or maybe even binge watching a new show, your TV is a part of your life.

There are many, many different types of TVs’ and models in the world, but we would like to highlight one in particular.

Now, we are not biased towards this particular tv or this company in any way, but we would just like to show you a tv that is very cool and very ‘techie’ that we personally think you may be interested in.

With that said, we now present the LG Smart 4K Ultra HD TV!


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Detailed information about LG Smart 4K Ultra HD TV

The LG Smart 4k Ultra HD TV is more than JUST a TV. It takes your ordinary viewing from a ‘normal’ tv and amps it up by 50%. So, what exactly can this puppy do? Well, first and foremost, it is a TV.

The things you normally do on your tv like watching your favorite show and favorite sports are things you can pretty much do on the LG Smart TV.

That being said, there are some unique things special about it that most TVs cannot do because of the tech. As said in the name, the LG 4K Tv is smart. Just what exactly is a smart tv?

Well, a smart tv is a tv that can now be hooked up to a wifi source and with the wifi, you can now access a slew of apps that you can use directly on your tv.

For example, you can now have Netflix, Hulu, and say Pandora Music all on your tv set; right from the simple use of an app.

Besides having wifi enabled features, the tv also has 4K resolution making the picture quality absolutely stunning!

The 4K resolution will transform each image into crystal-clear, lifelike visual quality.