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Yahboom Professional Raspberry Pi AI Robot Kit

Who doesn’t want to have their own robot? The perfect gift for the techie out there that has everything, this AI robot kit is the perfect gift to keep them interested and having fun. Great for those who are new to electronics, as well as more advanced users, this is a fun toy for a wide audience that has tons of cool features, including object recognition, real-time video transmission, gesture recognition, and so much more!

Specs: This model is the upgraded V3.0 tank kit and comes with all sorts of upgraded features and capabilities. It features new and exciting AI functions like facial recognition, and object and gesture tracking. This robot also features real-time video transmission and has HD video quality. This robot primarily runs on top programming languages Raspberry Pi and Python. Use the Yahboom app for controlling the robot and check out their online resources to help to learn to program!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for anyone who is into all things technology, robots, and programming. There are so many capabilities with this robot that will easily keep someone entertained for a very long time. Some gifts may have a limited amount of enjoyment, but not this robot! Whoever receives this will be excited to use it and expand its capabilities for years to come. It is also great as an educational gift for anyone who wants to get more experience with programming.

What we like: We like how cool this robot is and how many features it has – it can do just about anything it seems like! This upgraded version is also especially cool given all the new AI features. AI is becoming much more popular and accessible to people, and this gives you a great chance to get started with it and learn how it works and how you can program the robot to do various things. Who wouldn’t want to learn to do that?

What we don’t like: This is a very technical gift and it is not for everyone. While beginners can use it, they might find it a little bit too difficult. You also are not provided Raspberry Pi, which is needed for the robot to work, so that is something to keep in mind as well.

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Facial recognition

Object and gesture tracking

Real-time video transmission


Raspberry Pi not included