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The Royal Gift Shop: Pink Genuine Brazilian Extra Quality Agate Bookends

The Brazilian agate is truly one of nature’s most beautiful achievements and this set of gorgeous bookends is carved from one large Brazilian agate geode and dyed pink for a bit more drama.

The matching halves make a truly stunning addition to any den or bookshelf, and when these agate geodes are dyed pink their beauty is enhanced tenfold.

The beauty of agate is impossible to deny and is clearly evident to anyone with a pair of eyes and an appreciation for Mother Nature’s artwork. Take a look at this amazing home decor gift!

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Detailed information about The Royal Gift Shop: Pink Genuine Brazilian Extra Quality Agate Bookends

In this day and age, with the day to day hustle and bustle, everyone could use a little bit of tranquility and self-confidence in their lives.

Agates have long been used for just this type of emotional healing and maintenance, with documentation of their use dating back for millennia.

This crystal stone is also of benefit when trying to maintain a healthy balance between physical energy and emotional energy, and although necessary for a healthy equilibrium, attaining this balance is a struggle for most of us.


Agates are known for healing properties and are great for promoting a healthy psyche

The weight of this pair of geodes makes them an ideal choice for bookends

Each pair of bookends is as unique as the geode used to make them, no two are the same

This gift arrives with an authenticity card signifying that this is an actual Brazilian Agate