Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Stop Hand Bookends

Tech Tools has come out with the Stop Hand Bookends and they’re perfect for any book lover! This functional decoration comes with a pair of hands (right and left) made from a plastic-cement mix. They look great when placed on a bookshelf, or when used as a table decor. Books are placed between them and the hands work to keep them standing upright. Book lovers can use this cool piece to showcase their favorite books or simply hold the books they are planning on reading.

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Detailed information about Tech Tools Desktop Madness Series Stop Hand Bookends

We all know someone that loves to read but just can’t seem to organize all their books. They end up in piles on the floor, on desks or even just randomly placed all over the house. But fortunately, there’s something you can give them that will not only help with organization but will look stylish as well! We're talking about the Bookends by Tech tool!

The hands come in only one color- white, which gives them a very sleek and minimalistic look. But, it can also unleash a creative side. The recipient can decorate the hands in whichever way they want so that they are exactly to their liking. The Bookends are functional and super fun to look at. Placing them on a table or in an office will definitely make the space look more modern. Plus, they’re a great conversation starter!

One of the best parts is, that it’s a gift anyone and everyone will love! Men and women of all ages enjoy their fun look and usefulness. They can also be used for many different purposes. These bookends are a fun way to display books in the living room or office and can be also used to organize and hold books, making them easier to find and access. They can also be used to hold movies, CDs, and even video games.