Taozi 2 PCS Kids Night Light

Do you have a kid that might be afraid of the dark and you want them to have a fun night light? Or maybe you would like to keep certain rooms lit up at night like a bathroom or kitchen? Check out this 2-piece night light. It is made by Taozi and the plug looks like a vase and there are flowers coming out of the top.

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Detailed information about Taozi 2 PCS Kids Night Light

Here are some awesome reasons why this is a great product for your home. First of all, it has an automatic light sensor, so when it gets dark, the night light comes on. No need to worry about manually switching on or off the light. This bonus and the fact that it utilizes LEDs means the night light is both environmentally friendly and it will last a long time. The efficiency of LEDs along with not wasting energy while the lights are not needed means it is a very low impact. Second, the lights themselves are energy saving as they utilize a very low power need of 0.5W. Third, the flowers are silk, so they look realistic and are high quality at the same time.