AceLife Wine Bottle Light LED Kit

This unique lighting kit gift serves both form and function for any wine aficionado out there. The set consists of beautifully made glass bottles and internal lights. The bottle lamp is portable, it is very easy to use and it runs on batteries. This way, giftees won’t have to ever worry about fussing with wires or cords. There are six different models of this particular item, each of which offers something unique. The six models are guaranteed to cover any kind of taste and match any kind of personality. The blue model offers a light blue bottle with a sparkling star pattern within, effectively offering a cool guiding light to any room that it is in.

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Detailed information about AceLife Wine Bottle Light LED Kit

AceLife's brown glass bottle offers the same sparkling star pattern with a more subdued hue. The purple one offering something that is more laid back. The gold model is perhaps the most unique as it appears orange in the daylight and sparkling gold during nighttime. The glittering inner layer is illuminated by a string of ten, highly luminous and energy-efficient LED bulbs. The pink variation is actually a clear bottle lined with a vibrant pink shade that features Monarch butterfly detailing. The fully transparent model offers a seaside feel, with a fishing net like twine that is wrapped around the clear bottle.