Kleeger Giant Inflatable Kids Bowling Set

Do you ever find yourself in a pickle when it comes to coming up with great party games for your child’s birthday? Do you need something that will be sufficient enough for many people to play? Finding the perfect party game can be tough, as it needs to be something many people can do and must be fun. With that said, we have the perfect solution! It’s fun, easy to set up and perfect for all ages! We now introduce to you the Giant Inflatable Bowling Set by Kleeger.



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Detailed information about Kleeger Giant Inflatable Kids Bowling Set

The Kleeger Inflatable bowling set has some really great qualities. First, it is very easy to set up. All you need to do is use the air pump provided, blow up the pins and ball, and voila, you are now ready to play! Bowling could not be any simpler! Each set includes 6, 28” pins and 1, 25” dia ball to play with, and a hand pump to blow up the set. Another great feature of the set is that it is completely waterproof! Feel free to leave it outside when it rains, and just let it air dry or shake the water off to begin playing. Both the pins and ball are made out of durable PVC so do not worry about them breaking easily, as they will last quite a long time! Each pin is also weighted so you don't need to worry if one of them is not staying in one place. Lastly, each pin and the ball are made out of soft comfortable material so you can easily grip the ball.