Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Here is a cool product that makes a slightly comical gift with a wonderfully practical use! This is the Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light! Yes, it is a night light for a toilet! This unexpected product is actually super helpful and beneficial! It helps to light the way for those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips! This can be a great gift for anyone really, but especially for someone that has children that will be more likely using the bathroom frequently at night. Of course, pregnant women are almost guaranteed to get great use out of this as well as any mother can tell you that you will be making a lot of bathroom trips in the middle of the night during pregnancy.



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Detailed information about Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

There are actually a good variety of toilet lights on the market, but this one surpasses the rest by far! First of all, it has a 170-degree sensor range. That means that it has a considerably wider range of sensing capabilities than other toilet lights and therefore will be more reliable at lighting up when you walk in the bathroom or get close to the toilet and need the light. It also has 5 different brightness levels that you can choose from to best fit your needs or preferences. The flexible PVC neck of the night light allows it to easily fit virtually any toilet!