Starbucks Travel Coffee: Reusable Recyclable Cups With Lids

You probably want to have your favorite beverage on the go. When you are out of town attending a business meeting or merely signing deals, you need that coffee cup later. Coffee is one of the world’s relaxing beverages and has owned the top position for some time now. But, it gets hard to carry yours anytime you have to leave the house.

But, there is some good news now. With the Starbucks travel set, you can enjoy a cup when you visit. All you need is pack up your items, and that’s all. The pack can be a thoughtful gift idea to coffee lovers and is suitable for any occasion. Get one for your loved one and make their day,

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Detailed information about Starbucks Travel Coffee: Reusable Recyclable Cups With Lids

The travel set comes as a bundle of 8 items. They include:

  • One siren Starbucks logo reusable cup. It comes with a lid so you can carry it around as you drive or walk without spilling the contents.
  • One Starbucks spring design reusable cup. It holds 16 ounces of coffee which is enough to quench your thirst on the go.
  • Two Starbucks coffee cup sleeves
  • A sampler pack of Starbucks VIA instant coffee. This makes it easy to pop and dissolve in hot water. There are four varieties of coffee in the package including Veranda blend, French toast, pike place roast and iced coffee.