Star Trek Vinyl Record Clock

The iconic USS Enterprise shape is perfect for use as a pattern in fashion, jewelry, and home accessories as it enables the Star Trek fanatics to decorate themselves and their homes with the symbols and designs that they love so much.

The item we are looking at here is a wall clock sculpted from a retro vinyl LP record. The design, so skillfully carved from the LP, is that of the USS Enterprise flying out towards the viewer.

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Detailed information about Star Trek Vinyl Record Clock

There is also the Enterprise’s call sign, NCC-1701, together with the arrowhead and star emblems of Star Fleet and the United Federation of Planets. In the inner circle of the LP are the traditional clockface numbers together with hour, minute and second hands.

This skillfully rendered retro and ultra modern home accessory is what any self-respecting Trekkie must have on their wall at home. Whether it is on display in the living room, kitchen or bedroom is completely up to the individual but wherever it is placed, you can be sure that it will stand out as one of the better pieces of Star Trek memorabilia.


A unique combination of ultra-modern and retro designs

Ideal for the Trekkie to decorate his or her wall

Useful analog clock

Shows off the unique USS Enterprise profile