Marine Corps Playing Cards with Marine Corps Dice Gift Set

The Marine Corps dice gift set will be a great gift for a veteran to show off their national pride.

This is an excellent item to a pass to a military family member, a friend, or an outstanding veteran.

An appreciative token to acknowledge the courage and bravery shown by these great Americans who chose to serve the country to ensure freedom at home.

This set is a perfect memento, that not only serves as a great pastime activity but also serves a much higher purpose.

The entire set is a reflection US Marine Corps.

It will always remain to be a memorable keepsake and a cherished reminder of their dedicated service to our beloved country and the freedom we enjoy every day.

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Detailed information about Marine Corps Playing Cards with Marine Corps Dice Gift Set

Every time they get an opportunity to play these cards, the recipient will always be reminded they received these set as an honor for their ultimate sacrifice in the service.

This is an all Marine Corps themed dice set designed to make a statement during game nights at the game table.

Everything comes packaged in a beautiful keepsake stained wooden box. Inside, the recipient will find 5 jewel dice and 2 decks of playing cards.

The dice have not been left behind with the army theme either. Instead of featuring the usual white pips, these Marine Corps dice feature the EGA symbols.

The most notable qualities of about this dice set it's the 3D metal USMC logo emblem on the cards and metal accents.

This set is quite remarkable. The recipient will always want to display these details between game sessions.


A U.S Marine Corps themed dice set

Comes in a wooden box

Professionally coated playing cards

Great gift item for military family and friends