Spontuneous: The Song Game

Everyone, well almost everyone loves to sing. Some people can sing really well and just blow you away by their voices, and well, others just sound like fingernails on a chalkboard if we’re really being honest. If you have ever done Karaoke, you know that you don’t even have to have a great voice, you just gotta gather with some friends or family members and have a blast. You have to try it as it will totally rock your world! Now, you can take the classic way you play Karaoke without the actual microphone and play it in a new note! We here at That Sweet Gift have found what we think could be a very fun and entertaining game to play with friends and family members. We present to you the game Spontuneous: The Song Game!

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Detailed information about Spontuneous: The Song Game

Spontuneous is a game where you have to make up a ‘spontaneous’ song based on certain things. It is truly a genius name for a game that is a play on words. Spontuneous is a game for all talents, whether you can sing, or you sing like a person stepping on cats. The game itself is very simple to play. A random word is blurted out which is on a card, and then your job in your team is to race against the other team to blurt out any song you can make up about that particular word. For example, if the words are ‘going shopping’ your team will have to start singing a song about shopping on the spot! The game can have about 4-10 players and no matter how many people there are, you can just split them evenly among teams. The object is to stop any other player from singing a song containing the Trigger-Word! The first player to get to the finish is the winner! If you do not want to play in teams, the game is easy enough to play without. The whole box weighs about 1.9 pounds. The game is great for everyone!