Mbuynow Portable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

Keep the kids in your life busy with this portable wireless Bluetooth microphone made by Mbuynow. This is an awesome gift for kids as this microphone can be used for karaoke, or just to belt out your favorite tunes. It is a cool and fun gift that will get plenty of use. The Bluetooth microphone does not need to be plugged in to use, so your range is much larger than if there was a cord attached. It can be used as either a speaker or a microphone, so if you don’t want to sing, you can just play music out of it.

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Detailed information about Mbuynow Portable Wireless Bluetooth Microphone

The sound quality on this speaker/microphone is superb. There will be no feedback or static and the sound is nice and loud. If you are singing you can enable an echo effect which ups the cool factor by a lot! This will get kids singing and feeling like superstars. There is a TF card slot that can hold songs so they can be played right from the microphone itself. There are also LEDs that light up on the microphone.