Simon Optix Memory Game

If someone ever heard or played Simon they will have a pretty good idea of what Simon Optix is. If a person never played or even heard of Simon not it is time to get to know it. Simon is a rather simple game in which a person has to memorize a series of sequences and play them back. Such sequences would be yellow, red, blue or something of the sorts. Then, the player needs to memorize them and do the exact same combination that the Simon game previously did. If a person completes it, they can move to the next level where the difficulty has been increased.


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Detailed information about Simon Optix Memory Game

The players are challenged to memorize sequences until they fail to do so. The goal is to try and break the previously set high score. The game is really easy to play but once it gets quicker it becomes really difficult to handle. However, Simon Optix involves a little something else. Opti comes from the Greek word that means 'light or sight'.  With this in mind, Simon Optix comes with a headset that is worn while it displays lights in front of the eyes. The players have to wave their hands in front according to the lights to match the sequence that was portrayed.