Sloth Dreams Patience Putty – Stress Relief Sloth

Instead of letting the day to day stress get to you, why not take a page out of a sloth’s book and just chill. Seriously, has anybody ever seen a stressed out sloth? We don’t think so! Hanging out in the jungle, taking an hour just to scratch an itch, nothing pressing and nowhere better to be. How bad does that sound?

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Detailed information about Sloth Dreams Patience Putty – Stress Relief Sloth

What an easy and soothing way to take the frustration and anxiety out of day to day life, whether at the office or in the dentist’s chair (seriously!) or at home dealing with the kids. There is a whole lot of anti-anxiety power in this little tin. Small enough to slip into a purse, keep in the glove compartment of the car, or in a desk drawer. Easy and convenient to have on hand for whenever and wherever the stress gets to be just too much.

Feel like hurting someone…badly? Grab a can of Sloth Dreams Patience Putty and feel your anger melt away. Somehow the kneading, squishing and squeezing of this miraculous substance just feels so therapeutic and somehow right. With every passing minute of the mesmerizing tranquility derived from playing with this sloth putty, there is a confidence in knowing that overreacting while under the influence just isn’t in the cards. How could anyone be angry when they feel so relaxed and so good.


Won’t stain hands, clothing, or anything else

No sticky residue left on hands or items to stress about

Small size offers immediate de-stressing treatment on the go