Levitation Floating Globe

This Levitation floating globe will make an excellent display in just about any space. It will look fantastic at home space, on the office desk or in the classroom.

What more, it will mesmerize the kids and definitely raise their curiosity. It’s a sizable piece that is sure to match with existing décor without hovering over.

The rotating globe floats effortlessly using an active electronic, magnetic system. It exudes a unique sensory movement effect and appears to float in the air mysteriously. The scene is absolutely fantastic and mesmerizing to watch.

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Detailed information about Levitation Floating Globe

The globe measures 4 inches in diameter and the sphere is about 106mm(D). These measurements show that it's not that big or small, so you can be sure whatever its place it, it will not power the other décor pieces; instead, it will stand out beautifully and fit in seamlessly.

A look at it and all you can see is the magic of technology and its interpretation. It vividly shows the dimensions of the earth and its rotational movement together with cosmic bodies in motion. It's an innovative design-build with exceptional craftsmanship, and it will look absolutely stylish in the office or home.



It’s easy to set up

A decorative display for any space

A great learning gadget for kids

Comes with a user manual

Available in different colors including black, blue and white

Comes with a power charger adapter