Hug a Sloth Kit (Book With Plush) – Paperback

This is just about the cutest little plushy out there! This Hug a Sloth Kit is bound to bring hours of smiles and happiness to any little person you give it to. This is a unique gift and the sloth is a unique animal, so you just know that this gift will hold their interest for a long time. It’s not every day that you get to adopt an animal as cute and cuddly as this one!

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Detailed information about Hug a Sloth Kit (Book With Plush) – Paperback

Any youngster will fall in love with this little guy and want to learn as much as they can about him. This toy comes with a certificate of adoption so your youngster can be the official parent. Also included is a list of adorable names that will help your child name their new furry creature!

This stuffed sloth is 5 inches tall and the overall dimensions of the box he comes in is 3-½ inches square by 1-5/8 inches deep. The head of the toy peaks up out of the kit box for a not so subtle hint at what is inside!


Comes with a detailed “Sloth Fancier’s Guide” so your little one can learn all there is to know about sloths
The adorable mini-sloth comes with its head popping up out of the Hug a Sloth Kit box
Also included is an official certificate of adoption for the new sloth addition