INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

The INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock is everything that you could ever want in an alarm clock. This innovative technology takes advantage of the body’s natural rhythms to provide you with a soothing and energetic wake-up process. Thirty minutes before the alarm is set to go off, the ring of light around the clock display will begin to turn off, starting off at 10% of its overall brightness and rising to 100% by the time the alarm sounds. You can wake up to your choice of seven different sounds, including forest ambiance, chirping birds, crashing waves, and your favorite FM radio station.

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Detailed information about INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

When you open your eyes (perhaps after hitting the five-minute snooze button once or twice), the room will be filled with a bright natural light, and your body will sense the coming of the day. This feature is also offered in reverse, with the light fading from 100% down to 10% and then off as you drift off to sleep. In addition to its signature simulated sunrise and sunset, the INLIFE Wake Up Light Alarm Clock also offers a wide range of helpful features. The time is displayed in large, bright numbers that are easy to see from a distance. There is also a built-in dimmer that will decrease the brightness of the display at your chosen time. You can also turn the time display off altogether if you would like. The clock also offers a nightlight feature, with six different color options (Green, Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Indigo) that can be either static or rotating. You can also use the clock as a bedside lamp, adjusting its brightness to your desired setting.