Retro Chalkboard “Thank You Note” Card pack

This package of Retro Chalkboard Thank You note cards are a handy item to have on hand for those times when a written thank you is in order. These chalkboard notecards are adorable and perfect for those times with a handwritten thank you is called for.

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Detailed information about Retro Chalkboard “Thank You Note” Card pack

The Chalkboard and writing on these thank yous look so real that it seems like just wiping the front of them will remove the chalk from the board. These cards would be perfect to use along with a teacher appreciation gift, but they are adorable and just right to use for anything at all.

There are six different designs to choose from, all printed on white cardstock, and each with its own sweet way of conveying thanks. The inside of each one is blank with plenty of room for a personalized message of thanks. In this set, there are six of each of the different designs for a total of 36 notecards.

Each of the Thank Yous is lightly scored for easy folding, and each one comes with a white envelope that will use standard postage.


Each package contains 36 thank you cards, 6 notecards featuring each of the 6 different designs

White envelopes, 36, are included with the thank you cards

Uses standard postage and these cares are scored to make folding easy