Appreciation in a Box – Thank You Kit

Sometimes, when a person goes out of their way to do something special for you saying thank you, might not actually be enough to convey your appreciation. Recognition is important, and it adds more meaning when it’s accompanied by something memorable that shows that you put an extra effort to show your gratitude and appreciation.

This Thank you kit by Appreciation in a Box is such a fun way to show your gratitude and appreciate those who have contributed to the wellness of your company, business or life in general. The appreciation in a box kit contains five river stones, highly polished, finely engraved and painted giving to a smooth finished texture that is so elegant and fine to touch.

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Detailed information about Appreciation in a Box – Thank You Kit

The highly polished stones are engraved with a motivational statement that reads "You Rock!" and the wordings are beautifully gold painted to create a beautiful color contrast against the black stone.

It's a unique and an excellent way of sending a gratitude message to people close to you who have made it easy for you to achieve something meaningful in your workplace, church, school or in your life. You can use this unique, beautifully made river stones to appreciate your team, your co-workers, your clients, teachers, church members or your friends.


High-quality stones and well-polished

The stones come in an excellent package; a black velvet pouch

The gift comes with a five ‘thank you’ blank cards