Boss Lady Floral Mouse Pad

You have probably noticed that many mouse mats look the same dreary color with nothing to inspire the creativity of the person using the computer. That was until we found this one. The Boss Lady pad from the Navy Knot is a mouse mat that is slightly different from all the rest.

There is a motivational phrase printed on the surface, in this case, it reads “Boss Lady”, just what the girl who is doing the school assignment or the woman who is preparing the corporate presentation needs to give her motivation and confidence.

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Detailed information about Boss Lady Floral Mouse Pad

The next thing to realize is the mouse mat’s size. It measures about 7.5” in diameter; this is a good size and will help prevent the mouse from slipping onto the desk. The mat is 0.25” thick; you will find that this is thick enough to give the required comfort and support for wrists and hands when using the mouse.

The final thing to notice is that the top surface on which the mouse sits is made from a fine-textured, soft and silky fabric that allows the mouse to glide, enhances the optical tracking and overall gives a superb user experience. It is also easy to wipe clean if your coffee mug is knocked over.


This mouse mat is made from biodegradable rubber for strength and to provide a non-slip surface

The printed image provides a dash of much-needed color as well as providing a motivational message

Unusual shape as well as being large enough to prevent the mouse slipping onto the desktop