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Pet Memorial Wind Chime – Metal Casted Pawprint Wind Chime

Sometimes letting a friend know that you understand their sorrow after having lost a pet can be the hardest thing to do. Finding the right words at such a tragic time is so very hard. This memorial wind chime can help you to put your feelings into words of support.

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Detailed information about Pet Memorial Wind Chime – Metal Casted Pawprint Wind Chime

This beautiful and thoughtful gift will be a much-appreciated token of your sympathy for someone who has lost their four-legged best friend. Whether for a dog or a cat, this sentimental gift will let them know that you understand the depth of their loss and you care. The original poem “Pawprints Left by You” written by Teri Harrison may bring tears to their eyes, but it will also bring wonderful memories of the time spent with their beloved pet.

The cast metal stylized paw print at the top of this wind chime has the “Pawprints Left by You” Poem started on the front and finished on the back side, with both sides readable as it turns in the wind.  Further down there are four melodic metal chimes, followed by a final paw print pendant weight on the bottom.

  • “Pawprints Left By You” is a beautiful original poem by Teri Harrison
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor display
  • A memorial appropriate for both dogs and cats