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The Seasons of Life COMFORT BOWL

As they say, seasons come and go and so do people in our lives stay and leave. It could be quite a hard time trying to accept the loss of a loved one especially if they were pretty close. But, a helping hand, support from family and encouragement can help to pull through the hard times.

If someone in your life is going through grief, the best you could do is show your support and presence. Also, you could consider getting them this comfort bowl with assuring words to help them with the process. The bowl can be a gift for anyone regardless of age and gender.

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So, what exactly comes in the bowl? This comfort bowl has 11 pebbles and five crystals. The stones are natural and picked from the shore and hence might be different in shapes and sizes. The details that give the rocks that unique feel is the imprinted words on each of them. The messages are meant to encourage someone that is going through a grieving period.

The designer of the bowl found comfort in creating the simple yet helpful bowl when she was going through a period of loss. Having a few encouraging words could help someone face the situation better, and with time they can find healing. The comfort bowl also comes with a graphics card making it a perfect sympathy package for a loved one.