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Pomlia Women’s Haute Dachshund Socks

Do you have someone in your gift list who is admittedly obsessed with all things and everything dachshund? We believe there is no better way to celebrate a dachshund lover than with these dog socks by Pomlia Women.

These are the cutest and most comfortable wiener dog socks you will ever find and the best gift you will ever give! Besides, who wouldn’t fall in love with these lovely classic crew socks!

The little furry friends on the socks are absolutely adorable to look at and will without a doubt win your heart, and the recipient’s as well with just one look.

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Detailed information about Pomlia Women’s Haute Dachshund Socks

These dachshund socks are not just all about cuteness though. They are made of quality materials which include 80% combed cotton, 15% spandex and 5% of polyurethane.

They are perfect for the cold weather as they will sufficiently retain heat to keep the feet toasty, dry and most importantly cozy.

The pack comes with 3 pairs of women dachshund socks, and each pair has a different color scheme. This way you will not only give the recipient the most adorable socks they have ever had, but you will also expand their sock collection tremendously.

As if that's not enough, these dog socks are available in 15 different colors which means you will be able to pick the recipient's favorite colors.


Cute winter socks

Made of a thick cotton blend material to keep the feet warm and dry

The pack contains 3 pairs of socks

Available in different colors