In Dog Years I Would Be 420 – Mug Fully Reviewed

There are two types of people in the world: ones those who love coffee, and those who do not. Perhaps the latter prefers a different beverage like tea, juices or even just plain water. Either way, these people have one thing in common, and that is the need for a container to put their beverage of choice in. In other words, a mug.

The mug is a fail-proof and cheap gift when one is out of wits about choosing the perfect present for a loved one who is about to celebrate not just their birthday, but a huge milestone in their life – and that is their 60th birthday.

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Depends on how they look at it, it could be bittersweet. But it can be up to you to add a little humor in a milestone not many people see in their lifetime. Presenting this 11-ounce ceramic mug from Birthday Gifts for All.

The witty message that says “In Dog Years I Would Be 420” printed atop a black and white pattern of various illustrated dogs is the perfect gag gift for the future 60 years old loved one.


Perfect gift for mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, best friend and more who are celebrating their 60th birthday

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