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Inverted Umbrella – Dachshund Cute Design

When it comes to the weather, it sometimes gets a bit unpredictable. One morning you look at the sunny skies and even check your trusty weather app on your phone if it is going to be clear skies today and see that it is, so you go ahead and head out in your flip-flops, tank top and shorts without a care in the world.

All of a sudden, while you are out enjoying the warmth of the sun, the clouds start to roll in, the skies turn dark and it starts raining. What’s even worse, you do not even have an umbrella around you!

Luckily we found just the umbrella for you. We heard that you are an avid fan of Dachsunds, so we really want you to check out this Black Umbrella with Dachshund patterns by Alaza.

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Detailed information about Inverted Umbrella – Dachshund Cute Design

As if the Dachshund pattern is not enough, this sturdy umbrella is actually reversible, so if you want everyone to know that you are a proud parent of a Dachshund, you can simply turn it inside out to reveal a cute black and brown Dachshund with a heart pattern illustration surrounding it.

This C-shaped umbrella measures about 31.50 inches when unopened and around 48.8 inches when unlatched, making it the best cover for a rainy or stormy day.


Cute Dachshund design perfect for dog lovers

Designed for exiting and entering confined spaces


A tad bit expensive