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Funko Pop Keychain Stranger Things- Dustin

Who wouldn’t love this adorable Dustin keychain?!? This is just the perfect little gift for that someone special who just happens to be a Stranger Things fan. Maybe they relate to this member of the team as the peacemaker of the group, or maybe they just love his quirky sense of humor and his ever-present wit. Whatever the reason, this tiny treasure is sure to please!

This tough and tiny collectible from Funko Pop is a perfectly petite offering for the ardent Stranger Things fan. The Dustin Henderson keychain is one of a set of collectible keychains from Funko Pop, and wouldn’t it be fun to collect them all! This stylized figure has a very detailed, neat and crisp paint job, and the ring itself is sturdy and tight to protect your all-important keys. There is also a lobster clasp that attaches the figure to the accompanying ring, allowing you to detach the figurine, which in turn enables you to attach it to other things.  How cute would this be on a school backpack or attached to your purse? The ideas are limitless.

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Detailed information about Funko Pop Keychain Stranger Things- Dustin

The size of this Funko Pop keychain makes it the perfect addition to tuck into a gift bag at a Stranger Things themed birthday party or event. It would also be great as an extra special decoration on the top of a gift for a fan of the show. Whichever you use it, this diminutive Dustin will be a fun and welcome addition to any party or package!

Dustin Henderson will travel the world with you, and if you are lucky (or unlucky, depending on your point of view) you may even find your way to the Upside Down! He is ready to take on the anything from the dreaded Demogorgon to the crazy rush hour traffic! He is down for it!

  • Actual figure measures 1.5 inches tall
  • This little guy can go with you wherever you travel
  • Sturdy keychain with reliable lobster clasp